Jag skrev en trudelutt, Rebecca gjorde en fantastisk sånginsats, jag gjorde en mindre fantastisk mixning/inspelning... Men iaf, det var en bra fredagskväll!


Resultatet: http://soundcloud.com/user6839258/moving-on-13/s-XcDGe

Och texten:


Like Joplin sang "Freedoms just another word for nothing left to loose", but I'm not blaming you

For a long time I was strolling down the avenue not sure who I tried to be, I was anything but free


And I let you weigh me down

but now it's time to get up off the ground


I found that life aint all that hard to live

As long as you're not scared to bleed

Iv'e got your fingerprints all over me

But they're fading as i start to breathe

Still it's hard to stay sober

But I'm finally getting over you

I've found a new born strength inside of me

Where our memories used to be


Before you left I felt like I had everything, yeah everything to loose, so ofcourse I'm blaming you

Your talk aint worth a shit unless you're willing to put words in action too, baby that's the truth


And I tried to be just right

While you tied me down with your lies



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